Creative thinking and brainstorming ideas

28 Sep Cultivating a more Entrepreneurial Business Culture in Quebec

Do we have the same business culture in Quebec as did our parents’ generation? In my opinion, a new, much more entrepreneurial business cultureis beginning to emerge in Quebec.This is currently very evident in the start-up and entrepreneurial community. We also see some indication that it’s...

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28 Sep Better Connecting the Quebec Ecosystem to the World

Quebec’s economic future won’t be found solely in Quebec. The province’s growth will be surpassed by worldwide growth and we have a limited market of 8 million people. We must now turn our eyes to the international stage. To succeed in the economy of tomorrow, our...

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28 Sep Leading our Best Talents to Startups

“The best minds of our generation are wasted optimizing clicks on the web and creating complex financial derivative products. This is unfortunate.” A Silicon Valley veteran recently made that statement. Often, the most talented workers choose the best paying career paths. In Quebec, we place great...

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Isometric European Buildings

27 Sep Building Quebec’s New Crop of Flagship Companies

“We must cultivate a new wave of Quebec companies that will be headquartered in Montreal”, recently declared Alexandre Taillefer, entrepreneur and investor at XPND Capital, during his opening address at the “Salon des Entrepreneurs” organized by the Jeune Chambre de Commerce de Montreal. This declaration was...

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California Redwoods

22 Sep Into the Wild

I've made the decision to try to let go of social media for 6 months. This weekend, I was at a conference in a remote part of Quebec in the wilderness, disconnected. No 3G signal. No wi-fi. It felt good. It made me think that I...

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01 Aug Scaling a Startup Team

In his recent book The Hard Thing about Hard Things, venture capitalist and Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Ben Horowitz reminds startup CEOs that their top 3 priorities should be "People. Product. Profit. In that order".The ability to manage people, somewhat unexpectedly, quickly becomes a critical part...

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Busbud Office

09 Jul The Road Ahead

Today, Busbud is proud to announce the closing of a $9M Series A funding round co-led by OMERS Ventures and Revolution Ventures, with participation from iNovia Capital and Real Ventures. This is a special milestone for our team at Busbud. We are very proud of the road travelled so far and grateful for all the...

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Startup Roadtrip

03 Jul An Entrepreneurial Roadtrip Across Quebec

I am proud to help launch a new initiative this summer: an entrepreneurial roadtrip across Quebec! This initiative is born from a collaboration with two other great community leaders, Christian Bélair, CEO of the Coalition of Young Chambers of Commerce of Quebec (RJCCQ) and Noah Redler, Campus...

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26 Jun The Skipper & the Startup CEO

O Captain! my Captain! our fearful trip is done, The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won, The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting, While follow eyes the steady keel, the vessel grim and daring; - Walt Whitman, Leaves of...

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13 May Accelerators for Individuals

What do entrepreneurs Eric Schmidt (Google), Mark Benioff (Salesforce) and Mark Cuban have in common? All have invested in the promising American startup called UpStart. Created by a team of ex-Google employees, UpStart enables individuals to finance others based on their human potential. This potential is calculated from a variety...

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